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ADAPTIR-FLEX™ Technology

ADAPTIR-FLEX technology extends advantages of ADAPTIR technology to create protein therapeutics with varied specificity and valency and potentially new modes of action.

IgG1-derived Fc with Knob in Hole mutations and
C-terminal linker. Fc can be mutated to ablate ADCC and CDC functions, while keeping FcRn binding and thermal stability practically unchanged.

scFv domains from IgGs, extracellular domains (ECD) and cytokines with different specificities and functional properties

More Modular and FLEXible than ADAPTIR

  • Uses heterodimer technology so that two or more targets can be engaged simultaneously
  • Possible to adjust the number of binding domains to each target to account for differences in expression pattern and desired biology.
  • Designed to produce bispecific and multi-specific drug candidates
  • Utilizes IgG1 Fc backbone with “Knob in Hole” to assemble two different protein chains
  • Optimized to minimize proteolytic cleavage and post-translational modifications
  • Binding domains are engineered from IgG variable regions, fragment libraries, receptors or ligands
  • Mutations can be incorporated to eliminate Fc effector function (confirmed by cell binding, cell function and SPRbased measurements of affinity)

Antibody-like Half-Life and Production Processes

  • Demonstrated half-life up to 13.8 days in rodents
  • Standard manufacturing process with high yields and purity

Multiple Mechanisms of Action Demonstrated in Preclinical Studies

  • Redirected T-Cell Cytotoxicity (RTCC)
  • Co-stimulation of immune receptors to activate immune responses in vitro

Current Pipeline Candidates using ADAPTIR-FLEX Technology: