Technology Overview

ADAPTIR™ and ADAPTIR-FLEX™ are proprietary platform technologies that produce novel drug candidates with the potential to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Broad Pipeline Designed with Multiple Mechanisms of Action


ADAPTIR – Modular Bispecific Platform Technology Supports Development of Novel Therapeutics


ADAPTIR Bispecifics are based on a robust technology platform with potential advantages over other platforms including; Increased stability and half-life, antibody-like manufacturing, ease of transfer and manufacturing at CMOs.

ADAPTIR T-cell engagers are based on a unique and proprietary anti-CD3.
Demonstrated potent tumor lysis in vitro and in vivo (preclinical models) and reduced cytokine release in preclinical studies may improve tolerability in a clinical setting

ADAPTIR and ADAPTIR-FLEX can be used to design therapeutics with multiple MOAs.
First, through generation of multiple anti-CD3 based T cell engagers for hematologic and solid tumors.Second, through utilization of TNFR superfamily members or other activating receptors (e.g.) Targeting cytokines to modulate the immune system for blocking immune checkpoint inhibitory signals to boost the immune response.

The ADAPTIR Difference

Modular and Flexible

  • Monospecific and bispecific formats
  • Reproducible generation of homodimeric bispecifics with desired mechanism of action and potency

Designed For Multiple Mechanisms of Action

  • Redirected T Cell Cytotoxicity (RTCC)
  • Stimulation of activating receptors to re-invigorate immune response
  • Bispecifics can be developed to block inhibitory receptors to improve anti-tumor responses

Excellent Manufacturability Characteristics

  • Based on IgG1 antibody backbone
  • Designed to minimize proteolytic cleavage and post-translational modifications
  • Standard manufacturing process with high yields and purity

Antibody-Like Half-Life

  • Enables weekly dosing in humans

ADAPTIR-FLEX Heterodimer Platform Technology Supports Drug Candidate Diversification

  • Heterodimer platform technology designed to produce bispecific and multi- specific antibody candidates
  • Leverages IgG1 Fc with “nob in Hole” to assemble two different protein chains
  • Enables binding, activating or blocking of up to four different targets
  • Ability to engineer mutations to eliminate Fc effector function
  • Shares key features with ADAPTIR technology
    • IgG1 backbone and Fc mutations
    • Linkers

Multiple protein domains can be used in design of multi-specific candidates (single chain scFv, extracellular domain ECD, cytokines)