Immunotherapy: ADAPTIR bispecific molecules recognize and bind to two unique target antigens simultaneously.

ADAPTIR™ Platform Overview

Our development focus centers around our proprietary ADAPTIR platform, a novel approach for the generation of immunotherapeutics.

The highly versatile ADAPTIR platform holds great promise for product candidate generation, target validation, and clinical development.

We are applying ADAPTIR technology to develop immuno-oncology candidates that focus on redirected T-cell cytotoxicity (RTCC). ADAPTIR technology is modular and can be used to generate immunotherapeutics with unique mechanisms of action including targeted cytokine delivery, targeting two cell surface receptors or neutralization of multiple soluble proteins.

ADAPTIR redirected T-cell candidates hold distinct advantages over other immunotherapeutic and bispecific T-cell technologies.

In pre-clinical studies, ADAPTIR candidates have been shown to possess superior properties:

  • High potency; ADAPTIR bispecific proteins induce target-dependent cytotoxicity at low concentrations
  • Extended serum half-life that enables less frequent administration
  • Reliable antibody-like manufacturing processes

The ADAPTIR platform offers a great opportunity for use in combination with other immunotherapeutics and can also be configured to produce other types of multispecifics.